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Terrapolis Atrius Residence

Mumbai, India


Location:  Mumbai, India

Built Area:  180,000 sqft

Client: Terrapolis Housing

Status: Under development

Brief & vision

Terrapolis Atrius is a single highrise residential tower in the east of Bombay is a rehabilitation project. Existing low income housing has to be re-located within the site in a new prescribed apartment building, freeing part of the land for private re-development.  Limited land, high parking requirements and high density plot ratios result in minimal external space for amenities and outdoor spaces.


Conceptual approach

The connection between the base of the tower and the podium was expressed and the concept of the residential urban park was developed. This idea takes the initiative from the way in which urban spaces are occupied creatively for different functions – they become opportunistic spaces. Rather than prescribe the use of a recreational space for sport or social events, the urban park occupies vertical and horizontal space with non-traditional connections. Slides, rope webs and outdoor play surfaces connect every available space – a new playground for the adventurous creative resident.

Developing planning norms resulted in the need for a simple flexible design which would protect the architecture if and when the norms were confirmed. An H-plan tower provides all apartments with three-sided units.

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