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Stonehill International School, Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India

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Location: Bangalore India

Client: Embassy Group

Status: Completed

Brief & vision

Stonehill International School is an international school located in Bangalore, India. It is a renowned institution offering an education based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

AFW was commissioned to continue and further develop the existing Stonehill International School.

At that time, the school has existing buildings and future facilities earmarked on the land.

Re-assement and re-masterplanning was necessary as new facility requirements were added to the brief. 

Completed buildings for phase 1 - 3 are:

  • Cafeteria

  • Boarding facility

  • Staff and maintenance block

  • Multipurpose Hall

  • Arts Block

  • STEM block

Phase 4 – Under Development buildings are:

Library block


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