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Savyasachi Sarayu

Bangalore, India



Conceptual approach

Taking over the site when it was under construction up to the first floor, the challenge was to analyse the built structures and to minimize the alterations with its new design in place.11 exclusive private residences that offer 360 degree views of the surrounding context.Apartments range from 6,950sqft to 12,800sqft.

The façade element simplifies the form of the external skin that integrates with the balcony and handrail. The external façade element has different integrated conditions. The apartment layouts are planned around vastu principles.

Location: Bangalore, India

Built Area:  74,000sqft.

Client: Savyasachi Group

Status: Completed

Brief & vision

Jayamahal is synonymous with heritage and quality with its historic royal reference. It is rare to find an opportunity to develop a group of private residences in such an exclusive location and it is even more rare to find one which can offer a range of large-scale luxurious apartments. The height of the building is something which has not been seen before and it was important that the building did not dominate the neighbourhood.

The ambition for us was to craft a solution which acknowledges and respects its location and maximises the opportunity of its location. The identity of the project is one which should exude elegant simplicity, a single gesture, a statement which when viewed offers a consistent message – a singular identity.

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