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Northstar I in the Sky Residences

Hyderabad, India


Conceptual approach

The ground floor is planned as the communal heart of the project. By restricting the access road to the front of the site and with conversion of the fire engine accessway into a driveable turfing surface, the community facilities are immediately expanded to become one of the most generous in Hyderabad for a site of this size. Two well appointed function rooms overlook the green lawns which naturally becomes and extension of the function space. A quiet lap pool sits at the south side of the site. Sporting facilities are located at the north west side of the site, which include basketball and badminton courts. 

Location: Hyderabad, India

Built Area: 1,450,000 sqft

Client: Northstar Homes & Spaces

Status: Under construction

Brief & vision

The form of the building being punctuated by extensive common areas which we dubbed the ‘Vertical Village’. From bottom up, the common areas were themed along the lines of ‘community’, ‘quiet’, ‘health’, ‘water’, ‘entertainment’ and ‘sky’. The tower’s placement in verdant farmland near to Manchirevula village and a good distance away from the built-up districts of Kokapet and Gachibowli affords each common floor unbroken views of 270 degrees or more.

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