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Next Hotel & Resorts




Conceptual approach

The starting point of this new brand of hotels and resorts is the check-in experience, where the Guest arrival is the key. A collaboration with other F&B establishments were also invited to be part of the Next Hotel story.

A Guestroom mock-up was also constructed and finished in accordance to the brand design guidelines that was developed.  Andy Fisher workshop had produced full construction documentation for the completion of the mock-up Guestroom.


Location: Worldwide

Client: Nadathur group 

Status: Completed

Brief & Vision

Andy Fisher workshop was appointed to assist in the developing of the SilverNeedle Hospitality branding that include 4-star business hotels and resort under their brand.

Under the SilverNeedle Hospitality, Next Hotel and Resorts are targeted at business travellers that are not looking at the traditional hotel and check-in approach and experience. The Next hotel story is targeted at urban cities, with smaller guestrooms with a flexible approach of maximizing the space. More technology will be introduced into each Guestroom to reduce the requirement for staffing and manpower for the hotel operations.

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