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Marriott Hotel Bengaluru

Bangalore, India


Location: Bangalore India

Built Area:  230,000 sqft

Client: Lulu Group

Status: Under Construction

Brief & vision

Bangalore is the vibrant and pulsating heart of India's Silicon Valley. This city, located in the southern part of the country, is a captivating blend of tradition and modernity, offering an unparalleled experience for residents and visitors alike.

Being within a close proximity to the airport, near the flyover that connects into onto the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway., this project is an extension from an existing partially completed hotel building.

The Client’s brief initially was to redesign the existing structures to fit a 3-4 star Marriott branded hotel that fits in the brand standard of the hotel. Given the location of the site, this hotel was intended to attract Guests as business travellers on the North Bangalore region with the upcoming planned IT business parks and townships in the future.

Conceptual approach

The existing structures were carefully studied in detail to minimise much demolition.

The opportunity of the site was explored and tested during the early concept stage. As the proposed common areas in the original design faced the main road, that makes it undesirable.

A new central common area was created behind the existing building, which is quieter and more intimate in scale. The extension to the hotel was then planned in two phases around the central space and consists of additional guestrooms and meeting facilities.

The increase of guestroom count and supporting facilities allowed for the better position in hotel branding. This project was then designed as a fiver star hotel that fits within the brand standards of the Operator.

A new façade was designed in its place that fits within the new guestroom module. The fins of the new façade was intended to act as a sun shading element and to control sightlines and views from the main road facing guestrooms.

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