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Hilton Hotel and Hilton Garden Inn Embassy Manyata Business Park

Bangalore, India

Location: Bangalore India

Built Area: 2,000,000 sqft

Client: Embassy Group

Status: Completed


Brief & vision

The genesis of this project is a response to the fast-growing IT sector in Bangalore. With global tech giants planting roots in the Manyata Business Park and Manyata Tech Park area, there is a growing demand for amenities like accommodation, retail, office space, dining establishments and event spaces.

The design of this development was a journey in seeking a deep understanding of the context; being the last remaining land parcel in a key area of economic activity, this meant that the new development had to address some very stringent requirements to ensure stakeholder satisfaction.

The aim of the brief was to fit five buildings into a very dense site whilst integrating the development into a community of 100,000 thousand people, and serving a fast-growing tech sector within the Manyata Business Park and Manyata Tech Park area. This development was slated to be India’s largest hotel complex.

Being part of a larger development also meant that the guest facilities offered by Hilton had to suit the new location.

Conceptual approach

We started this project by seeking an understanding of the existing site conditions through studies of the hotel setting and elevated road and ramp. Bearing in mind the need to fit five buildings into the site, we introduced connections between the buildings so that technically, the entire cluster of buildings would be considered as a single building on its own.

Through this strategy, we were able to bring the buildings closer together. The Hilton Hotel was then tilted at an angle on plan so as to distinguish it from the rest of the surrounding buildings, creating a sense of arrival for those approaching the building from the flyover.

Upon addressing the site conditions, we put together a material palette that aligned with the conceptual approach in the architecture; we sought to establish a connection in the materiality of the buildings.

A curved wall was introduced to soften the linearity of the site and serve as a way to orientate oneself within the development; while its form shaped the experience of the plaza, the colorful tile cladding is a reflection of traditional values being upheld in a modern context. The wall also connects all 5 bulidings, ‘bridging identities and celebrating diversity.

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