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Embassy Springs Sales & Marketing Office

Bangalore, India

Cover Sketch 1.jpg

Location: Bangalore India

Built Area: 205,000 sqft

Client: Embassy Group

Status: Completed

Brief & vision

Embassy Springs is a real estate township located in Bangalore, India. It is a residential township developed by Embassy Group, one of the leading real estate developers in the country.


Embassy Springs is situated in North Bangalore and is designed to be a self-contained township with various amenities and facilities for its residents. It was planned to include a mix of residential options, such as apartments, villas, and plots for those who prefer to build their own homes. The project aimed to offer a modern and sustainable living environment, with ample green spaces, recreational areas, and community facilities.


Within this township development, Andy Fisher workshop was tasked to plan and design a few parcels that consists of row houses and villas, clubhouse, school, lakeside apartments, residential tower clusters and a marketing office.

Conceptual approach

The Embassy Springs marketing office is the first facility that was finished within the development. Designed with future planning in mind, the internal gallery spaces have a flexible approach, to allow the spaces to be able to frequently change and update the marketing graphics, as when the focus of different product/parcel launch is required. Adjacent to the gallery area are the spaces for interactive zones – with digital technology being used with the opportunities to upgrade in future. A scale model area of the development is incorporated within the zone to give users and buyers a feel of the extent of the township development. An F&B space is designed with this marketing office, to cater to users/buyers that do not need to travel out. On the external area, a bio pond and a playground is designed to entertain children with a large open area to accommodate up to 3 show units as a temporary structure.

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