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Embassy Pristine Clubhouse, Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India


Location: Bangalore India

Client: Embassy Group

Status: Completed

Brief & vision

Embassy Pristine Clubhouse is an extensive recreational facility within a designed residential complex. The Club facilities were planned to form two separate structures housing Club and social spaces and sports facilities.

Conceptually, both buildings were provided with the same response to their site – to elevate on pilotti and offer up the ground area for a barrier-free access for the residents. The Club has no front door, the public and communal functions such as a café, retail and events space were considered as open – allowing the users to spill from the landscape seamlessly into the Club.

The Sports hall was open sided, the floor material extending outside to encompass the surrounding areas and providing the thrill of playing/running from inside to out and utilising the building façade as part of the sporting activities.

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