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Westin Cam Ranh

Cam Ranh, Vietnam


Location: Cam Ranh, Vietnam

Built Area:  267,000 sqft

Client: Phat Dat Corporation

Status: Under construction

Brief & vision

Cam Ranh bay, being located 290 kilometres away from Ho Chi Minh City has a rich military history with fish and prawn farms within the present day bay area. The closest airport for anyone getting to Nha Trang will be via Cam Ranh bay. The site that we were tasked to develop was a 25 acre coastal site with the sloping sand dunes going as high up as 25metres above the lowest point.

The brief provided to us was to design a Westin branded resort with 180 key hotel with 19 villas and accompanying facilities under the brand standards.

Conceptual approach

The design developed an organic language in response to the dramatic coastal dune topography. Maximizing spectacular ocean and mountain views, the buildings are designed to gently sit within the landscape.

The texture and pattern suggests a man-made naturalised form which can be found locally. The imposition of this form on the site identifies the extent of ornamental landscape against the natural landscape of the sand dunes which are retained and stabilised with indigenous plant species.

The hotel is divided into two low rise wings containing the guestrooms which rest above the sand dunes. The lower spaces are set into the sloping topography. The design minimises the building footprint providing an extensive landscape and ocean views. Materials including locally manufactured bricks for use in the façade screens and gabion walls using locally sourced basalt contribute to localise the architecture.

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