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Boutique Hotel Kwun Tong

Kwun Tong, Hong Kong



Conceptual approach

To gain the efficiency necessary for a Hong Kong hotel, the guestrooms and existing structural grid did not conform neatly. This in turn meant that the guestrooms had to work independently of the façade. To bring elegance back into the façade, the exterior is to be re-skinned with a curtainwall system which comprises of unitized system housing a louvre system placed between the outer and inner skins of the panels enabling the exterior and interior to slip without disruption to the façade appearance.

Location: Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Built Area: 120,000 sqft

Client: Levi Land

Status: Under development

Brief & vision

Kwun Tong was an earthy industrial area laced with a red light industry. It is today in the process of being regenerated with the support of the Hong Kong Government and the planned redevelopment of the old Kai Tak Airport. The initiatives to regenerate the neighbourhood support the re-purposing of the existing industrial buildings. Lever Tech Centre is a 26 storey light industrial building which the Owners wished to concert into a 250 key hotel.

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