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The workshop

We see design as a hands-on creative process. At the workshop, we are passionate about design and sharing the process of design with our Clients.

Having worked in 30 cities around the world for various typologies, we apply our knowledge and experience yet respect the culture and sensitivity. We take pride in our collaborative approach and attention to detail.


It's a collaborative process

We believe that a good design is a result of a successful partnership with the team involved with a common vision and goals to share the passion for creativity and design excellence.

Its uncommon for interdisciplinary collaborations involving designers, engineers, marketers, and other professionals, enriching the overall creative process and ensuring a more comprehensive solution.

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We love to integrate details that communicate elements of the place and culture in which we are lucky to work.


We believe in pushing the boundaries of design in a creative way with designers from diverse backgrounds, each carrying their unique style, experience, and vision being together in harmony.

The process of design to construction documentation to coordinating shop drawings and installation on site. Most of the construction detailing and material selections are unique to the project.


Sustainable goals

Reducing waste and carbon footprint. We adopt a creative approach to sustainable design involves integrating environmental, social, and economic considerations into the design process.

We are in the business of producing designs and extending urbanisation but we have a duty to be responsible and where possible to re-purpose, re-use or construct in a manner which will not be detrimental to our future.

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Staying involved

Even though we are based in Singapore, our presence are always felt where we work. Through the various stages of work from Concept to Completion to handover, we use our experience and expertise to ensure the desired satisfaction.

We differ from most overseas consultants in that we take our work through to construction and construction drawings.

We adapt our service to each Client but our aim is to remain involved in our projects in some form, until completion.

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Our team is made up of enthusiastic designers, with various skills, and diverse experience. By combining creativity, innovation, and sustainability, designers can contribute to a more regenerative and harmonious relationship between humanity and the environment.

High-rise or challenging sites and topography offer great opportunities. Our team has extensive experience in maximising the potential.

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